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Quickly and affordably develop your skills with our Ableton, Maschine, Bitwig, Reason, FL Studio, and Logic tutorials and sound packs and make better hip hop, garage, drum and bass, trap, dubstep, house, and techno.


Our Bitwig Studio tutorials will show you the ins and outs of Bitwig's instruments, effects, and important features, and have you producing music with Bitwig in no time flat.


Amazing Ableton tutorials give you a solid understanding of Ableton Live, showing you how to produce with Ableton, how to perform with Ableton, and how to use Ableton instruments and effects.


Unlock Logic Pro X with our Logic tutorials, showing you how to use Logic's instruments, effects, and guides on DAW tips and tricks to make better music fast.

FL Studio

Our FL Studio tutorials will show you exactly how to make electronic music with FL Studio. Whether it's hip hop, deep house, or EDM, our guides to FL Studio instruments and effects will show you the way.


Let us show you how to get the best out of Propellerhead's unique music making tool Reason, from beginner to advanced techniques with instruments, effects, and combinator routing.


Learn Maschine 2.0, whether you use Maschine, Mikro, or Studio. Our video tutorials will show you how to get the fastest hardware workflow and best sounding beats from Maschine.

Sample Packs

Our electronic music sample packs give you all the tools you need to make breathtaking electronic music. Drum sounds, synth sounds, instrument sounds, and found sounds to download for all genres.


Whether it's learning how to make the ultimate Launchpad light shows or custom map your controller to do exactly what you want, our hardware tutorials have you covered.

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Free Cloud Backup for Ableton, Logic, and FL Studio: Splice

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